A Place in time, 2020

Christian re-visits a live artwork which he delivered in January 2020, of which the context has changed since the Covid-19 pandemic. Life in lockdown more than ever is causing us to reflect on how we build and share social and cultural spaces, now and in the future.

Here Christian presents an artwork which belongs within the frame of a digital device, both from which the research manifested through a social media platform, and of which we seek out contemporary social and cultural spaces in response to the current situation.

Disrupting the sentiment of nostalgia, the distortion of both memory and imagination, and physical and virtual participation is reflected within the work, while reminiscent of a visual aesthetic and spoken memory , provoking a sense of time and place.

The glitchy and disrupted aesthetic comments on a collective memory of place, youth and cultural reference, as well as the memory of a live artwork and re-imagination; and about the the glitches of communication within these digital spaces in which society has turned to.

The relationship between memory and imagination. The crossover and disruption and loss of recollection. A collective memory of places in time, in both the material and digital world.