Blackburn festival of light, 2019


(Artist and producer)


Blackburn Festival of Light is a grassroots, non-profit organisation which aims to make positive change throughout local area through community workshops and an annual festival.

BFOL promote community interaction and integration and aim to build the confidence and aspiration of the town as a whole. This is achieved through there activity of up-skilling volunteers and participants and employing local artists and performers to collaborate with, run workshops and work closely with the community. I was one of the artists employed for the BFOL 2019.

I worked as an artist/producer delivering a range of outcomes for the festival. My role included the delivery of one of the festivals latest big feature,

organising and managing workshops, budget 

management, supporting community workshops, 

marketing and publicity, production, post event 

feedback, evaluation and project completion. 

photo credit: Small Adventures Photograp



Photo Credit: Small adventures photography